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News - Are we not men?
NOTE: The Dwip website is DOWN until I find a new place to host the .rm file. It's too large and I need the bandwidth for my obsessive screencap website. Anyone got any ideas? Actual hosting, not just photo hosting or anything. Hotlinks must be allowed. Thanks.

This morning, I was driving to work, and I had a cigarette in one hand, but I forgot that I had a cigarette in that hand and so I lit another one. D'oh!!

I saw a guy in a car the same color as my Cruiser, which I still need to give a name to, which now that I'm thinking about it again should be named Bruce. ANYWAY, the point is, that guy was wearing the exact same jacket as me, but he was wearing a long-sleeve PUCE button-down shirt with it! It was puce I tell you! Then he copied me by putting on his sunglasses right after I did and sneaking up on the red light just like I did, and then lighting a cigarette just like I did. He was SO copying me. And he was SO wearing puce. He was jealous of my 1337ness.

My car is now named Bruce.
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Date: July 20th, 2004 - 07:15 am
I think you can hotlink anything except pics over 250k, but I'm not certain about that. I don't see how they would stop an .rm file.
you get 250m of space, and 2250m of monthly bandwidth
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