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Here are the icons from makaioh. I'm putting them here for no good reason, except I'm logged in. I have to determine what I use these for and whether or not they are necessary and/or appropriate. And then I need to figure out what sorts of icons I'm still lacking, so I can acquire types like those.

Side note, something just got in my eye. Something hurty. Probably an eye-sucking bug. I will end up dying of eye-suck.


Umm... I love coffee.

Keywords: scar
This is one of the best icons I ever made.
daggettKeywords: daggett
Daggett stays.
RaditzKeywords: Raditz
Do I really need him in both LJs?
your moveKeywords: your move
Yes, I need this in both LJs. Comms.
tallgeeseKeywords: tallgeese
I have to have at least one sentient robot.
bye-bye sad doggieKeywords: bye-bye sad doggie
Not quite sure I need this, but it is a sad doggie...
suck!Keywords: suck!
Has been so appropriate so many times.
kami no daikohshaKeywords: kami no daikohsha
I really should use this one more when I pimp my website, huh.
guhhhhh!Keywords: guhhhhh!
Until I get that animated Ebisu icon, this one is necessary.
mugenKeywords: mugen
Sometimes I AM that cute. (Mostly not.)
just do itKeywords: just do it
I love this icon like it's a ... thing I love.
Greed has all the milk.Keywords: Greed has all the milk.
I need a better milk icon.
bleed for fun by lucifer_samaKeywords: bleed for fun by lucifer_sama
in your dreams by lucifer_samaKeywords: in your dreams by lucifer_sama
Nekkid guy in bath=good.
al's head on greedKeywords: al's head on greed
Pastede on!
I smell baconKeywords: I smell bacon
What was the point of this?
just stand still a minute by animarelicKeywords: just stand still a minute by animarelic
This one looks cool, but I'm not sure I don't have enough icons with this sort of sentiment...
guess whose navel this is.Keywords: guess whose navel this is.
The navel of doom.
Gimme a smoke.Keywords: Gimme a smoke.
So appropriate, so often.
pink thing base by animarelicKeywords: pink thing base by animarelic
Pink things will remain.
smoove by valamelmeoKeywords: smoove by valamelmeo
Nothing personal, but I think I need a better base for this one. It's because we have no photoshop. Let's go buy it. We can share.
bleeding is hottKeywords: bleeding is hott
Were you not listening? Blood=good.
brain-splattered is hottKeywords: brain-splattered is hott
Oh so good.
Rick called you a dumbass.Keywords: Rick called you a dumbass.
Gotta have at least one dumbass icon.
I can't part with Don Pachi.
go splodie? by maho_kiwiKeywords: go splodie? by maho_kiwi
It's just too cute.
pretty girl! by maho_kiwiKeywords: pretty girl! by maho_kiwi
Again, cute.
pharaoh has milk!Keywords: pharaoh has milk!
Kitty! He has milk.
happy!Keywords: happy!
One of my favorite icons of all time.
puce pwnz j00 by valamelmeoKeywords: puce pwnz j00 by valamelmeo
Necessity, or not? I can't decide.
well it's true!  by valamelmeoKeywords: well it's true! by valamelmeo
The appropriateness should scare you.
this pink thing PWNZKeywords: this pink thing PWNZ
Pink thing = good.
i dedKeywords: i ded
Didn't think this would have much potential, but I keep using it.
electron mike from dieselsweeties.comKeywords: electron mike from dieselsweeties.com
Shant part with Mike, no.
I suck!Keywords: I suck!
I probably need to make room for this one on this LJ.
i stole this off a japanese fansite gomeKeywords: i stole this off a japanese fansite gome
I stole it. I feel guilty. But fuck, it's cute.
schfifty-five?Keywords: schfifty-five?
One of my best.
Kigocrazy by halfmoon_darkKeywords: Kigocrazy by halfmoon_dark
Everyone needs at least one femmeslash icon.
Nobody likes me >(  by invadersporkKeywords: Nobody likes me >( by invaderspork
And at least one self-loathing icon ;)
sex!!Keywords: sex!!
Sometimes I just stare at it. For a long time.
OMGOTP!!!!  by zmd_norrecKeywords: OMGOTP!!!! by zmd_norrec
I'm keeping at least one Scar/Rose=OTP icon. I dunno if this will win, but there will be an icon.
So, what sorts of situations have I not accounted for in my usericons?
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