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And in other news... - Are we not men?
And in other news...
Went and saw Shanghai5 again tonight. They so rock. They need to put out a CD and fast. We are now stalking them. Or at least showing up at gigs that we know about. Found out the singer's name is Amy. She's mega-awesome. I can't describe the awesomeness on the interw3b so that you can comprehend. But you must believe in the awesomeness. DO NOT CONTRADICT ME.

Got my kitten back from the shop today, they fixed him good :) -- then I let him run free in the house. Hep hissed at him, which I knew he would do because he's mean. Pharaoh also hissed at him, but that's because Pharaoh is ascared. Pharaoh is the biggest cat in the house! How can he be ascared of teh littlest cat in the house! But he also has a tendency to overreact. He hisses and screeches at Hep just because Hep is mean sometimes, not because he really wants to fight. He just got nervous because this little bouncy kitten-thing was approaching his hidey-hole.
So it looks like another few fun weeks of playing kitten-intro, now that he's out of quarantine. I know some people let their cats duke it out, but I don't want my cats to duke it out. Eventually Pharaoh and Moofy will figure out that they can double-team the hellacious Hep. He's a soft, purring, cuddly ball of schoolyard bully, that Hep!
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