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Thus Spake Zarathustra Folk cats rnd Fics PkMn FMA ¬_¬ other LJ Got Val? I defeat you!
I'm working on stuff. - Are we not men?
I'm working on stuff.
See, like, I have to do this thing at work that is difficult for me, so yes, you get more Val than you wanted.

AIM is acting like a pig.
Moofy has been "thinking outside the box". Bad kitty!
It doesn't matter how creative I get, I can't manage to execute any of my ideas correctly, as if I have vision but no talent. It will return.
I *should* be able to work from home tomorrow. If my work-from-home thingy ... works. I will not wear trousers if that is the case. If you want to see pics, msg me and I'll pretend I have a webcam but I'll really just be copy/pasting pictures from some singles website and pretending it's me.
Speaking of trousers, I need a belt. Since I don't have a belt, I will try to keep my pants on with these uplifting lyrics:

Nothing's ever easy when you do it yourself
All you can do is try
Life's not, unfair, life's just life
Death not suicide

Be all, and you'll be the end all
Life can be a real ball
State of mind

I plan to leave at 4pm, go get some mangas and a couple of CD at B&N , get a gargantuani soda from somewhere, and then go home and order out. But I might not leave til 5.
Now I'm going to pretend I'm constipated and hang out in the bathroom. Just to avoid coworkers.

I'm all : indifferent ooh baby, right there
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