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Wow! - Are we not men?
It is FRIGGIN GORGEOUS outside. Lemme tell you all about it!
OK, like, on the terrace, I look straight up, and there's breaks in the clouds, and the sunlight is hitting the very top of the cloud formations. But it's being filtered heavily on its way through, so there's illumination but it's hazy like God is coming or something. And I don't mean coming in the naughty sense.
Off to the east, it's quite dark, and I think it's raining. That would be the actual city of Dallas proper. It's raining there. And it's only like 75 degrees outside!
To the west (probably more north than west), it's brighter, but not an annoying brightness of full sunlight. It's hazy, which is a common weather condition in the Dallas area.
Every now and again, lightning flashes in the east, which just looks COOL next to the rays of sunlight coming through the clouds, and occasionally I see a large drop of rain hit the pavement :D (nice concrete terrace we got here eh ¬¬ )

I'm all : exanimate <3 rain!!
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