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Your Energy is Grey. Your thoughts are unclear, muddled, and… - Are we not men?
Grey Vibes
Your Energy is Grey. Your thoughts are unclear,
muddled, and confusing. Dark thoughts or
depression may be clouding your true colors.
It may be that you have been hurt and rejected,
or maybe you are just manipulative, dark, and
What color is your energy?
brought to you by Quizilla

Probably ;)

So, like, no sleep, have to do a presentation in like 2 hours or something, then I believe we are going to the Four Seasons for lunch, then I mistakenly scheduled a meeting with my supervisor after that.
The cats (Hep and Pharaoh) got into a massive fight last night this morning. Massive - I had to break it up! Hep can be mean when he thinks he's being slighted. I'm kindof lucky (knock on wood) he hasn't slain my legs yet this week.
This whole Moofy-in-the-bedroom thing has got to go. I need all three cats using the litterbox in the SAME room (ok I almost just spelled that 'rume') and eating from the SAME area, and I dunno how to get them situated. Pharaoh is still hissy at the Moof, and Hep tried to seme him. (I'm not kidding! If you'd seen it, you'd have said the same thing!) And now Hep and Pharaoh are all bitchy. They broke the doorhandle on the bathroom last night -- I dunno how they did that, but they did. They probably do stuff like that every night, while I sleep, blissfully unaware.

Hep would like to thank Miss Poly for the birthday card, but since he's been so naughty he can't use the PC.

He is a silly kitty :)

Eventually I'll upload more pics of the Pharaoh, because I took some recently. He's enormous. He is a Big Kitty. He really should pwn the Hep, but he's too polite and lets Hep push him around. I really don't know why.

Today is brought to you by the word "obediently", which I have just discovered has the amazing power to awaken me when I start to doze off ;)
(let's hope this works in the meeting.)

I'm all : sleepy cha-CHING!
Jammin' with : a norah jones song in my head
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I'm a babe magnet.
Date: August 12th, 2004 - 07:48 am
that hep--quite a cat. --henrey lee lucat
Date: August 12th, 2004 - 12:15 pm
Hehehehe, vibes. *playfully bats at jpegasus, singing the song*
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