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I got a belt! - Are we not men?
I got a belt!
Finally went to Target, but of course I forgot some stuff. I did get a 4-cup coffeemaker and some coffee to go in it, which I am not drinking now because I still feel a bit ill. I got a belt, and some shirts which look remarkably like the shirts I already have. And they had Energon Rodimus, so I got that. Now I have Rodimus and Prowl, and I can combine them into Rodimus Conbi or Prowl Conbi. I haven't done that yet. They also had OMG DBZ Raditz and Goku in one package! Which I bought! The articulation is better than the previous Raditz I had, and like, the tail isn't just pastede on, it can unravel from around his waist! But the head isn't as cool, and the scouter isn't as cool, and his hair is like instead of hanging down straight it like, is as if it's being blown by the wind or something. Not as cool as the original, but the articulations are like, WORLDS better.
So, yes, I got a belt, but I forgot to get soy nuts. Suck!

Anyway, have some quizzes.

Take the quiz: "What type of attitude problem do you have? (pics)"

You're Scary
Your probably goth (good for you). But this also makes most of the things you say creepy to others. Your probably trying to be mean but your slighty twisted so you end up scaring people. But who cares they still go away which is what you wanted. Try creeping people out by saying....

I like saying creepy stuff >D

You lived during the American Prohibition Era - the
time of Al Capone and Eliott Ness. During this
era, crimelords were glorified and rose to
power in American cities. Alcohol was outlawed
nationally during this time, so
"Speakeasies" sprung up everywhere -
local bars where illegal booze was sold. It
was also an era which marked the flourishing of
jazz in America. In this lifetime, you are
probably drawn to music and the partylife, as
well. Fashion was important - hemlines were
up, hats were in. You probably pay great
attention to fashion details in this lifetime
as a result of your previous life.
Past Life Regression Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Makes sense to me.

Jammin' with : Elis Regina - Alô Alô Marciano
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