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No I'm not up
Just awakened rudely from a dream and thought I'd recount it afore I forget.

OK, like, for some reason, my sister and Holly and I were staying in a cabin-like thing that my mom and dad had, but like, it was like we were moving there for the summer. And my parents, too. It was somewhere in what I like to call "backwoods" country, which happened to be near my mother's estended family. This part here is like, not really that far a stretch from truth. The dream-only part is that I'd be involved.
Anyway, we're setting up these bunkbeds, for some reason moving them from one room to the other, and I've got the frame of the top bunk which was apparently designed by MC Escher, on my shoulders. I keep trying to figure out which way to turn so that it aligns with the bottom bunk, but I can't figure it out. So I ask my sister "Hey is this going the right way?" and she's like "Er.. doi, like, just look at it and you'll know." So I looked at it, and I did not know, because it was Escher's bunkbed. MC Escher sounds like a rap star.
Anyway, I'm frustrated, so I leave the frame where it is, and I'm like "I'mma take a shower." but then Holly's like "Not if I get there first!" so she like, gets in the shower before me. So then I go to check my download, which was some Simpsons/Star Trek parody, and it's almost done. So then my sister and I start listening to mp3s (wow this is really weird) and we find some mp3 by Dave Matthews Band , but it wasn't really them, just in the dream it was labelled Dave Matthews Band. I'm not really a fan so you know, this is all beside the point. And so theres some song, and it was cool, and it went like this: "last time, i see you, would it be dreaming, would it be dreaming."
So, we were diggin this song, Holly was in the shower, and my mom comes in to see how we're doing with the bunkbeds, and she's got a cousin with her. They both also like the song, so we're like having a little party. Then the cousin invites us to some backwoods party, and we're like "OK!"
So (note in my dream that I am still unclean) Holly gets out of the shower and we go for a party, and like, it was near where Holly's dad lives. So we're all walking up to the party, and yet another cousin of my mom's shows up, and my mom feels the need to tell us every ailment of every cousin she has. This was annoying. So I decide I'm going to leave, and I get in my car, and I put the Simpsons/Star Trek parody cd in there, that I miraculously burned at some point in between when I checked the download and this point in time. Now in the dream, my car had visual display like a DVD thing. It doesn't really have that IRL. So I'm half-watchin, and half drunk, which is odd as I hadn't had anything to drink. But I'm all "OK, I know where I am, this won't be difficult -- yeah, there's Scott & Angie's house, and then I go on this big road for a little while... " but then I got confused, so the car de-materialized, so that I wouldn't be confused by the shiny things, but I forgot to account for velocity and inertia and sorta went tumbling down the road a bit.
Then I woked up.

Going back to bed now. Surrounded by cats.
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Can you feel the love?
Date: August 22nd, 2004 - 07:15 am
that "song" sounds familiar.. but i googled it and found NOTHANG.

Maybe I just imagined it using your dream as a canvas.
Are you gonna eat that?
Date: August 22nd, 2004 - 10:54 am
It's probably a real song but I mangled the lyrics. And I doubt it's by Dave Matthews Band.
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