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I eat random food! - Are we not men?
I eat random food!
The other day, we went for japanese food. Not sushi! No! Sushi is a dime a dozen (more like $20 a dozen) round here! What I wanted was some soba noodles with stuff. And I got that! I don't even know what else was in it! Random things! Random tofu-y things, because that's what I ordered. I love eating food that I don't know what it is before I put it in my mouth! It's like a surprise. Especially Japanese food, since I know it won't be like, random chicken or beef or something. There was random seaweed in it! And random tofu! And something else completely random that I can't place whatsoever! It was good, though. And then I had leftover soba.
The truth, however, is that I do not know how to eat japanese food. It came in a gigantic bowl and then they gave me a smaller bowl, with spoons in it. So, randomly, I grabbed things from the big bowl and put them in my mouth, and then some stuff in a small bowl, and ... it was very random. There was a Japanese family sitting at another table nearby - they were probably laughing at my inability to eat correctly. Holly wouldn't try any of my random food, not even a noodle! And none of that food even looked like it might still be alive! Or that it was ever once alive. Escept the seaweed, which was probably alive at one point.
I wish there was a ramen shop, like, fast-food type ramen shop nearby, so I could get Japanese noodles without having to sit down and look at a fancy menu and stuff. And no, cup ramen is not the same ><

In other food-related news, they had ravioli in the cafeteria today. Yey!! :D

I'm all : satisfied satiated
Jammin' with : but the tea here is crappy >(
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