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Here's what I wanna say to him. "Dude, yer like a big freakin pansy… - Are we not men?
Here's what I wanna say to him. "Dude, yer like a big freakin pansy in the middle of Pansyland! I can smell your pansiness from the next county!" Then he'd try to pull some kind of kung-fu shit on my ass, and then I'd have this conversation on AIM:
me: Zorak knows how to rock.
me: Bjork does not.
buddy: I still like some of her stuff, though. Even though it's all pretty much the same. Like Boston.
me: yah, I think if they didn't have that spaceship, Zorak wouldn't have gone.
buddy: Probably not. He would have hung out with Asia instead.
me: and where was Journey during all of this?

We never did figure out where Journey was during all of that. I guess they were on the other side of the universe, rockin. Now I want to play the Journey videogame. That was the coolest game ever. It was like Tron, but with Journey! I'm gonna wear my Journey "painter's cap" all weekend now.
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I saved you a seat.
Date: September 28th, 2001 - 09:36 am
You wear paaaaanties.
Panty boy!
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