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GIP - Are we not men?
I'm singin a song and it goes like this "Itsumo itsumo soba ni itta to wa iwanai ja nai." It's a great song!

By dose iz ruddig.

Here is the story of my cats.
Hep and Pharaoh were cohabitating peacefully, and they are in love (see icon). Then, Moof came along. Moofy decided the only way to prove his manliness was to try and steal Pharaoh, the beautiful one, for himself. At first, Hep did not think this would go anywhere. But after awhile, it seemed that Pharaoh might be falling for Moofy's charms! Hep sed "OH NOES!" and commenced with the terrorist attacks. Eventually driving Moofy back into the sofa or under the dresser. But this was not enough for the Hep, because he is still insecure. So he makes it his daily duty to keep that Moof either in the sofa or under the dresser.
This is why sometimes I have to lock up the Hep so that Moof can come out. Because of the bizarre love triangle. I don't think Pharaoh is aware that he is so beautiful as to be the cause of so much heartbreak. It's best he doesn't know. We don't want a sad Pharaoh.

I don't think Moof and Hep will ever patch up their differences, so valamelmeo, GET J00 KITTY.

I'm all : blank carpathian
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