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Teh w00t! - Are we not men?
Teh w00t!
OMGLIEK!!! Or is that supposed to be LIEKOMG?
I managed to rip the Rewrite CD! HAH. Take that, evil record company that hates America! Oh, wait, I didn't tell you about that. Yes. The stupid copyprotection on the AKFG cd that wants to only play using proprietary software gives you this message "This software requires a key that is only available to residents of Japan."
Umm... gee thanks. So much for going global.
POINT is, I ripped the tracks, and yey! Now I have the b-side, too, and I will share it with you, just to spite the record company, and because none of you live in Japan, unless I forgot. Jeff does, but only almost.

We found a new way to play Go. A better way. A way that I can comprehend and enjoy. What you do is, well, somehow you have to get some stones on the board. We did this by pretending we knew what we were doing enough to play for real, but then we got confused. And started just randomly tossing stones onto the board. (these are glass stones, so don't go all LIEKOMG MISTREATMENT OF GO STONES ok?)
Randomly tossing stones onto the board resulted in some stones being knocked *off* the board. Those were captures. So, it was best to knock the other player's stones off the board, rather than your own.

Now that I think about it, lots of games I don't understand end up becoming knock-the-other-guy's-pieces-off-the-board games. Do you know, I didn't know how to really play Risk until I was like, 24? Holy crap, that was 10 years ago. Damn. But up to that point, all I'd ever done was the knock-the-other-guy's-pieces-off-the-board version of Risk.
I think I'll play that game right now, with my absent co-worker, and everything I knock off his desk is mine.
Tape dispenser... *knock* - mine!
Wireless headset... *knock* - mine!
Laser printer... *knock* - mine!
That'll teach him to be absent! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I should make my own board game, and I'll call it Knock The Other Guy's Pieces Off The Board, and it will come with little risk pieces - the good pieces like they have nowadays, not the cardboard ones - and chess pieces, and those cool pewterish Monopoly pieces, and all those cool plastic weapon-things from Clue, and like half of the Moustrap game, and all those tiny little guys from Life, and lots of 1.5" plastic figures from anime series, and go stones, and M&Ms, and the little guys from Candyland, and the little guys from Chutes & Ladders, and all the pieces from the Cooties game, including the dice, and the ships from Battleship, and those annoying little cherrys from the Hi Ho Cherry-O game, and Red Hots, and Runts, but not Mike&Ikes, though. Those are annoying.
No tile-type things, though, because that would be a different game. For tile-type games, you can't just toss your pieces on trying to knock the other player's pieces off. It'd have to be a shuffleboard type game. With Mah-johngg pieces, and Scrabble pieces, and checkers, and quarters, and shogi pieces, and that little tabletop air-hockey game... in fact, it can be a variation of air hockey. Yeah. just like that, but without the barriers on the sides of the board. So that the pieces will fall off and you can capture them.
You know, with a marble and some chess pieces, you can make a pretty sweet little table-bowling game on a chessboard. And if you dont' have a marble, use a jawbreaker. (Note: This sorta pisses off whoever owns the chessboard, so, you know, don't get caught eh.)

I'm all : creative creative
Jammin' with : Asian Kung-Fu Generation - REWRITE
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