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Hey all, long time no update - Are we not men?
Hey all, long time no update
That's because my life is boring. No, really. I'm rarely bored myself, but you would be if you had a camera and were watching me.

[6:54 pm] ate chips and sipped tea while surfing the net
[7:32 pm] changed the one-track playlist to a different track
[7:45 pm] opened a fresh pack of smokes
[8:02 pm] Finally discovered interesting thing on the net
[8:03 pm] pastes link of interesting thing to 5 friends on IM who don't give a crap
[8:11 pm] changes opinion of anime characters and posts about it in anime journal
[8:39 pm] Finds more things on the internet
[10:45 pm] browser crashes from random weird Japanese plugins
[10:48 pm] More internet begoodness is found
[12:02 am] Decision is made to go to bed
[12:29 am] Actual post began at 8:11 is finished and posted
[1:32 am] Sleep achieved

This morning it is all stormy out :D And the first thing in my work inbox is someone asking a question I've answered like 12 times. It's becoming a struggle to remain polite and patient and not reply with something like "Are you a moron? How many times must I forward you this information before you read it and comprehend? Do I need to come over there and walk through this every month with you? It's October! The instructions have been the same since February! Rather than asking me to explain, why don't you explain how you've managed to go the entire year without learning anything new. Obviously you have the ability to read, or is an ape typing your emails for you?"
Oh I could go on.
It really is pretty and stormy here, and oh yeah the other day I drew some pictures. Beware male shirtlessness if you click that link.

Jammin' with : Mukahi Gakuto (Hyoutei) - Da Da Da
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I'm a babe magnet.
Date: October 4th, 2004 - 09:05 am
Pictures!!! XD
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