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The internet hates me! - Are we not men? — LiveJournal
The internet hates me!
OK, for those of you who the other day it looked like I dropped out of existence? That's because the internet hates me. I suck anyway, not surprised it hates me.

Saturday I had a really great day with Holly. It was all wet and dreary out, and we had like 6 hours to kill before this birthday party for one of her friends. So, like, we went to get a present, and then we went to get halloween stuff, and we got this weird ball of eyeballs that bounces really good. So, we went to the parking lot at the park and bounced it for awhile, then it was too wet so we went for beverages, and THEN it was time for the party, and it was OK. Spending the afternoon with one 4th grader is fine, but a whole slew of them is another matter entirely.

So, this leftover pizza I had sucked. And the soda I have sucks. What doesn't suck is the propeller beanie I bought and wore all over the city this weekend. I also got a wig. I tend to buy wigs at Halloween, so I have like 4, one is a blue beehive, one is yellow and curly, one is blonde and wavy, and this one is black and supposed to be straight but it's slightly wavy. yey me.
The funny thing - man, I nearly peed, right there in the halloween shop! They had a MEGA MULLET wig! Oh man, it was so funny! It was blonde like a surfer dude, and it was like, SO LONG! I couldn't stop laughing. It was an ubersurfmullet from hell! I almost bought it because it was that funny.

So what else did Holly and I find at the halloween store? She got a costume, it's a geisha-type costume, and we got into a random conversation with a 6 yr old at the halloween shop about how cool it would be to go to Japan. I should have found her parents, because they might be anime fans. Anyway, we got some of those classic plastic spider rings, and some realistic looking fake spiders, and I forgot. The ball-of-eyeballs is really really cool. It bounces oddly because it's not round, it was fun.

So yesterday (all that was Saturday) we played videogames all day long. Holly refuses to play against me in Soul Calibur 2!! And then she wanted me to play FF Crystal Chronicles 2-player and I said no, because she won't play me! But we did play each other in Super Smash Bros Melee, but I suck at that game because I dont play enough.

It was a good weekend, even though the internet hates me :D
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