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Pokemon - Are we not men?
I told you we played videogames all weekend, right? Well, here's my obsessive Pokemon update.

I have 4 -- count them, 4!! Pokemon games I haven't finished! Here, have a taste of my obsession:
Pokemon Red - finished, restarted recently for no good reason
Pokemon Blue - finished, let Holly restart it
Pokemon Yellow - finished
Pokemon Silver - finished, let Holly restart
Pokemon Gold - finished, restarted recently for no good reason
Pokemon Crystal - finished
Pokemon Ruby - finished
Pokemon Sapphire - NOT FINISHED!
Pokemon Colosseum - NOT FINISHED!
Pokemon Leaf Green - NOT FINISHED!
Pokemon Fire Red - NOT FINISHED!

OK, so like, this post is about Leaf Green, since that's what I've been playing recently. In Fire Red, my character's name is Zolph, and in Leaf Green my character's name is Greed :D isn't that cute? I should have named Fire Red rival Roy or Archer or something, but I didn't think of it. Leaf Green rival is named Envy hehehehe
I'm so lame ¬¬

So lame that I've got pictures of my pokemon! And I'm going to talk about them because you know you wanna see it!

This is my starter (docile), it's evolved into a Charmeleon now. It's a girl! W00t! Her name is Hanabi! (ok in Fire Red my starter was Squirtle, and also named Hanabi. Just so you know.) Don't have final moveset yet but it will probably be Flamethrower, Dig, Cut, Fly. I know, I suck.

This Gyarados (calm) was a gift from Zolph :D Isn't that sweet? It's name is Shinji. I haven't decided on a final moveset yet.

These are the twins, Jiroh (modest) and Gakuto (bold). I don't know the final movesets here, either, plus I like to keep my Gengar movesets secret so it surprises you in battle. I'm sure I'll keep a ghost move on one of 'em. I like having two Gengars. I can run the whole l337-4 in Yellow with my Gengar. I can run the whole 1337-4 in Crystal with my Kingler. But these Gengars are mega. Maybe I'll make a whole team of Gengars.

I am not sure if I will be using this Golem Kabaji (quiet) in my final team or replacing it with Weezing or Muk. Weezing is a lot like Golem but without the weakness against Fighting and Ground moves. But this Golem is really good, so I can't decide.

I wasn't going to use a psychic pokemon, but my Alakazam (jolly) is mad 1337. It's name is Keigo. It has a Sp.Att IV of 30. It's Speed IV is pretty low, but the nature makes up for that and the 30 makes up for the neg from nature. It's like, the perfect Alakazam. So I guess I'm usin it.

So there's my pokemon. Wasn't that esciting? Don't you love my two gengars? Aren't they cute? OK, I know, I didn't tell enough to convince you, but they're only level 25 right now so I'm still working on stuff.

I'm hungry but the cutest Hep is asleep in my lap like a little baby. No, make that a big baby. Big kitty.
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Stop asking about milk already.
Date: October 11th, 2004 - 10:55 am
Yer forgiven. xD

I spent the weekend playing on a Commador 64 and a vintage Nintendo when I have a PS2, so don't feel bad. xD
Date: October 11th, 2004 - 01:06 pm
Haha! I was just singing the Mario Bros. music yesterday, including the in-the-tunnel music XD
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