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Quick update - Are we not men?
Quick update
Had to work yesterday (that would be Saturday, yes.)
Again today, but only a little bit.

The air conditioner is busted, and that means a major cleaning before inviting maintenance folk over to fix it. Disposal is still busted, too.

AIM doesn't like me anymore, and MSN is iffy. Maybe if I buy it some chocolates.

The new keyboard and mouse I got... the software that goes along with it? The cat killed the disk. And the thing I downloaded from the internet doesn't seem to work.

Yesterday, thought I was supposed to meet Brian for dinner or the mall or something, but he never called. And I skipped out on hibachi with Hughes Kym cuz I was waiting for him to call.

In better news, this song is pwn.

I guess I like it.

I'm all : blank beh.
Jammin' with : Fairlife - Eien no Tomodachi feat. AKIHITO OKANO
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Date: October 17th, 2004 - 01:13 pm
Oi I don't look that much like Hughes! Just because I've got the glasses, and the face shape, and that one strand of dark brown hair that hangs in my face... Actually that strand of hair doesn't hang in my face anymore because my bangs are too short for that now. So HA!

Anyway, as my mother keeps reminding me, I am not married and do not have a child, unlike her when she was my age. I suppose I could bother random people with pictures of my cat, but that would probably not do anything to help out with the singleness.
I saved you a seat.
Date: October 17th, 2004 - 06:13 pm
Oh oh I know!
Do this. Find a fictional kid to pretend is yours, and then shove pictures of that kid in everybody's face! It doesn't have to be Elysia, it could be any fictional kid. Like that kid from 6th Sense, or that kid from Clifford the Big Red Dog. Oh oh I know, get plushies and take pictures of them and shove those in people's faces! Oh oh I know a fictional kid for you. The baby from those Tom & Jerry cartoons where the babysitter is on the phone and Tom keeps saving the baby but she thinks he's doing bad stuff and then at the end he saves the baby and he's in the paper as Hero Cat? Yahyah, that kid!!

Also, regarding that icon that I love so much, let me point out the scary part. It doesn't say "Otherwise Crazy guy may attack you." It says WILL attack you. With 100% certainty, if you neglect to wipe the sweat from "Love Like Pop" before going home, there is no hope for you. Crazy guy WILL attack. He will not think about attacking, or suggest to his friends to attack, he WILL attack. You.
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