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Movie! - Are we not men?
I watched a movie!
Two movies, really. But I only have screencaps of one of 'em.

So, first, I'll tell you about Onmyoji. It's about the Heian era, in Japan, and it's got demons in it, and these two guys, and they are SO gonna make out. It's about this guy, Abe no Seimei, and he's like, a ... onmyoji. That is, a guy who can do spells and fortune telling and stuff. He's mad 1337. And he and this other guy, Hiromasa, they are in love best friends. Well, they become best friends in the movie. And they are the protectors of the city, but they don't know it. But you do, because it's a movie about these two guys, and there's supposedly a protector of the city going to appear, and you realize that if the movie is about these two guys and there's a legendary anything, it's one of 'em. So there. Anyway, there's LOADS of demons, and then there's a really sad part, and I was like "NO!!" and then there was another sad part, but see, I already saw previews for Onmyoji 2, so I knew what did or didn't gonna happen. I don't know how to use correct grammar. It was a damn good movie. I might watch it again right now. It's just CHOCK FULL of demons!
I suppose I should say why it was good. The costumes are all Heian era and so beautiful, and the story, aside from having no idea why the villain is up to his misdeeds, is really fun. The main character, Seimei, he's mad cool. Like, he's about to get killed? And he's smirking about it! Mainly because he knows he can escape (and he does). And when he got in trouble by the onmyoji chief, and he just smirks at him like "Yeah? Bring it!" He was mad cool. Anyway, the movie is colorful and has some keen special effects, and really great sad parts, and adorable non-sad parts... it's good.

But the other day, I watched Moon Child. It was also a good movie, but not as good as Onmyoji. Mainly because it was more crime syndicate oriented than demon oriented. But Gackt and Hyde are in it. And they SO made out offscreen. I know they did. But sadly, not onscreen. It was still verrrry pretty, though. What's weird is that the setting is China or somewhere that Chinese is the main language, so lots of times it was subbed in Japanese because they were speaking Chinese. I can't read that fast so I don't know what they were saying. Hyde is a vampire, but looking back on the movie I'm not quite sure why that character needed to be a vampire, if you exclude some angst and the opening and ending sequences. Oh boy was it angsty. Lots of angst. Gackt crying. Hyde crying. ANGST. And lots of shootouts. Shootouts are cool, but demons are cooler. Real demons. Not pretty blue-haired Sesshomaru demons. REAL demons. Nasty demons! And they can do mad 1337 nasty demon things, in the real world not in fantasy-fuedal Japan.
OK enough Inuyasha bashing. We have Gackt and Hyde here. I wish they'd make out onscreen. They know how many people would be made happy by that, why don't they just do it! Anyway, I took a few screencaps, here you go:

Sorry about the dark. But you know, vampire movie = dark. Because vampires asplode in sunlight. Or catch fire. That's how it is in this one, they catch fire. What an odd phrase, catch fire. Like catch cold, but the opposite.

This is as close as they get to actually making out onscreen. But I know they were makin out offscreen. Their names are Kei and Shou. Shou is the one crying. Kei is the vampire. Kei sed "You don't love me!" and Shou replied "I can't love you that way!" and then he cried. Not really, I made that up.

Check out the ponytail *cough*

Diggin for gold or doin brain surgery? This is not from the movie. I found it on the internet and stole it yar.
He's still pretty.

He's a vampire. But you can't tell from lookin. You can tell he's pretty, though!

OK, like, they're like.. umm...

How was that for immature? I'm like some 15 yr old Japanese girl. Well, my friend Judah used to tell me I sounded like a 15 yr old Asian chick, so maybe I really AM a 15-yr old Asian chick, trapped in a old lady's body. My friend Sean told me I sound like a 10 yr old boy. I dunno which is scarier.
Look, Hyde is really really really pretty. And Gackt is pretty, too, but he's prettier when he *doesn't* look like a woman. So there. Plus, Gackt sounds like something the cat spit up. But Gakuto is a perfectly adorable name. Why doesn't he go by Gakuto? It's so much cuter! I think the only cuter Japanese man's name is Daisuke. Daisuke and Gakuto. Doesn't that sound cute? THey're gonna make out. Whoever they are.
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