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Zombies and Hot Peppers - Are we not men?
Zombies and Hot Peppers
I only like spicy foods. I don't even like the foods I used to like unless I make it spicy somehow. Like, peanut butter and... uhh... hot peppers. That actually sounds brilliant, I might do that next time I buy bread.
And I only like cinnamon gum because it's the only spicy gum. And then I accidentally swallowed it AGAIN today. How stupid can I get? Apparently pretty damned stupid. How old am I, ten? No, Holly's 9 and she never swallows her gum.

So, Saturday night we went to this noodle place that last time had really good food, but then on Saturday it was well suck. And there was something bad in mine. It sucked, but you know, it was spicy so I ate it. It was a good spicy that I liked, but... it sucked really. I mean the flavor. It tasted like spicy ass. Which sounds a lot more glamorous than it is. Then we spent like 15 or 20 minutes watching a cat bathe itself, because it was a cute cat and he sits funny when he bathes. I wish I'd taken a picture.

But on to the zombies. You know what's scary? A half-zombie. No I don't mean half of a zombie, I mean a whole being that is half-zombie. The convenient thing about zombies is that they are all decrepit and you can pretty much move out of the way if they're coming at you. But if they're only half zombie, they might have perfectly normal functioning legs, and can chase you well, but then they have a decaying head and need to eat your brains! See? That's scary! Especially if the half-zombie was a sprinter prior to becoming a half-zombie. Then you're pretty much brains-on-toast, unless the wind resistance from the sprinting makes the zombie-parts fly off the body frame. You might have a chance then.

So, seriously, if you HAD to be the living dead, what would you rather be, ghost, vampire, or zombie? I think I'd go with ghost. There's really no downside unless you get an itch because you can't touch stuff so you'd never be able to scratch it. That would suck.

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Can you feel the love?
Date: November 2nd, 2004 - 03:34 am
One of the greatest words in the world.

Aside from pizza.
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