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I guess I like it - Are we not men?
I guess I like it
That phrase never gets old.
I have more to say. And I'm killing time prior to going home. I really want to go smoke, but if I smoke now, and then leave in 10 minutes, that'll look really rude of me.

Friday I played Pokemon. A lot of Pokemon. Lots and lots of Pokemon. But this is the OTHER game, Fire Red. Last time I told you about my Leaf Green game. So these are different pokemon than in that game! Very very different.

This is my adorable Clefable, Bunta. It is mad leet. It is also mad cute. While you admire the cuteness, it will slay you ded. Be jealous of it :D

I haven't evolved it yet. It's my Nidorino, Tohji. I can't even decide what moves to teach it. You will be jealous when I am done, because it will pwn j00 and yer little Gyarados. Also? It is cute.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Val. No one trains a parasect. No one." No one but me. Fuji is a awesome Parasect! And it has the best moveset evar. Check this out: Aerial Ace, Spore, Giga Drain, Dig. It is undefeatable, even your Charizard quakes in fear of it! OK maybe not.

I know I said my Wartortle was named Hanabi, but that got on my nerves because my Charmeleon is named Hanabi, so I changed it's name to Mizuki. It's adorable, and I will never evolve it. You want one.

OK yes, it's a terrible name for a Wigglytuff. It was a gift from Greed :D And it is very very cute! Not quite mad leet, no, but I like it. Ph33r teh cute!

I like to refer to them as the Cute team. I also have a Farfetch'd that I use to fly around, but I never battle with it so I didn't list it here. It's still level 5, like it was when I got it.
So, let me tell you a story about when I was battling some ghost trainer (that is, a trainer who trains ghosts, not a ghost who is a trainer). Her ghosts only had ghost moves and non-attack moves like Confuse Ray and some other annoyance I forgot what. So, instead of just fighting normally and hoping not to be confused, I just kept switching out my pink pokemon until the ghost ran out of confuse rays and whatever the other annoyance was and had to resort to ghost moves which don't affect Normal pokemon :D Then I killed the ghosts ded!! It was kinda funny. I didn't even need to use that strategy, since I was like mad levels higher than the ghosts.
Kym got all the way through victory road with her pokemon only about level 45 or something if I recall correctly, and damn, I was like, level 60 when I went IN. And I'm so hyper I'll probably train to level 70 before I even go to battle the elite 4.

Then I'm going to make a whole team of Weezing and Muk, just to prove that I can. Actually it would be mad easy if I transferred two of my Weezings from Ruby. One of 'em is a shiny! I should really finish Pokemon Colosseum, too, so I can transfer the legendary doggies. And talk about crappy nicknames, my Pokemon in that game have like, the WORST nicknames evar. Like, my Raikou? I named it Raikoh. My Suicune is Suki and my Skarmory is Hagane. Oh, and my character? Yami. Because he looks like, you guessed it, YamiYuugi. Named the girl Maki after zig_zag123's character, so that's cool. But other than that, really really bad nicknames.

GOOD NEWS regarding Deoxys. From what I was reading earlier, looks like they're going to do promotions similar to how they did Eon ticket last year, and that goes through almost every decent sized city. Is there a way to get Mew? I could sure use a Mew. I want the Japanese games. I have too many videogames I haven't finished already! I don't need more!

OK, it's close enough. I'm outta here.

I'm all : nerdy GO VOTE tomorrow! (US only)
Jammin' with : the sound of WHOOSH as I leave
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