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Kitty - Are we not men?
I don't have any new pics, but Moofy went to live with valamelmeo on Sunday, and we are both happy about that :) Yes I will miss my Moof, but things are back to normal around here.

Pharaoh was doing something cute this morning. He was behind the sofa, rummaging around, and then occasionally he'd pop his head up and look at me and say "Mew?" And then Hep would go over and kiss him on the lips, and then he'd disappear back behind the sofa to continue what he was doing before. Man it was cute.

It is so cute having little animals prowl around the house. Hep is so much happier without a Moof to harrass him. And Kym's house is cuter for having a little animal in it.

Her family is cool. They seem very close, like, Kym said a bad word, and I said "You talk like that in front of your mother?!" and she goes "She talks like that in front of me!" Just seems like they all actually LIKE each other, unlike my family where we all *love* each other but not necessarily LIKE each other. I like to think my sister and I are pretty close, despite our sister-fights, but we're not half as close as Kym and her sister.

ARRGH I just went to drink the last of my coffee and there was GROUNDS in it! Lots of grounds! It was like coffee with SAND in it!

behbeh. ><

That was way earlier in the day. Tonight I had 2 peppermint mochas. It's that good.

What the hell was rock paper scissors before scissors were invented?
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Are you gonna eat that?
Date: November 17th, 2004 - 06:41 am
My kitty is cute, but your kitties just to do so much more cute stuffs! *loves on them*

un..Rock paper toothpick, maybe? Rock breaks toothpick pokes hole in paper covers rock?
Teacher said not to.
Date: November 17th, 2004 - 06:52 am
Well dammit. I was trying to go to bed then this reminded me that there had to be something prior to the invention of paper...

rock-parchment-knife? but wait, prior to parchment and knives being invented... rock-leaf-pointy stick!

My brain hurts.
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