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Oooooh I look weird! - Are we not men?
Oooooh I look weird!
Guess what I got! A new Porno Graffitti album :D
OK the album itself isn't new, it's from like, 1999 or something. Maybe not that old. But it has some of my favorite songs on it, and then some songs I never heard because they're only on the album! I'm happy :D

My hair had a mind of it's own this morning. So I took pictures of it, so that you could scream in terror like I did.

And I still don't have any new pics of the kitties. Sorry. Just my bad hair day.

Do you see what I see? A huge lock of grays! Stickin out!
Really though I took these pics because THE HELL IS THIS HAIRSTYLE!!! my hair is straight! not ... whatever this is! How did it do that! If I wanted it to do this, it wouldn't do this. Whatever 'this' is.

You need to see the back and side, because... it's just scary. What are these curly-things! and look at that spikey-bit at the back. That can probably kill small children. It's like some kind of groovy 70s nightmare.
But ohhhhhh teh grays :D

Was that not frightening? I hope I've traumatized you for life.

I'm all : devious like this guy
Jammin' with : Porno Graffitti - Aokage
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From: (Anonymous)
I'm a babe magnet.
Date: November 17th, 2004 - 10:45 pm
I've been goosed!
Date: November 18th, 2004 - 02:12 pm
Yes but with more grays ;)
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