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Hehehe! FOG!! - Are we not men?
Hehehe! FOG!!
So it was all foggy and cool this morning when I was driving, and Brian sent me an email and it said "The fog is getting thicker!" so I sent back a reply "And Leon's getting larger!"
Surely you get that ref... *snicker*

Here's that year meme thing sortof:

Ten years ago I was pregnant with Holly and I had 3 dogs. My favorite show was Animaniacs and Red Dwarf.

Five years ago I had just gotten divorced earlier in the year and was working downtown. My favorite shows were Space Ghost Coast to Coast, South Park, and DBZ.

One year ago I was working for VZ part time and going to sk00l and had 2 cats. My favorite shows were memories of Space Ghost, Cowboy Bebop, and Angry Beavers, as well as new Zim and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This year I have had at some point 4 cats. 2 were given away and now I have the 2 I had last year. My favorite shows have been Fullmetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go, and Prince of Tennis. Plus a return to classic Ren & Stimpy. I want Angry Beavers on DVD.
They know us at the jazz club.

Yesterday, I downloaded subbed ep 136 of PoT and watched all episodes of The Young Ones. TV pwnz my life.

Today, I am at work doing stuff. We had a nice bitch sesh this morning about this guy we know. Someone sent me a fax. None of the stuff I ordered has shipped yet >(

Tomorrow, I will be working doing stuff provided I don't die or something on my way home tonight. I feel like going caroling.

I can't do any more of the future because it's too far away.

You are a Siamese! You are fun-loving, playful,
energetic, talkative, and exotic. You are the
center of attention and you love every minute
of it.

What breed of cat are you?
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I'm all : cheerful spanky!
Jammin' with : Porno Graffitti - Tasogare Romance
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