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Last night I spent like an hour on kittenbreak.com. Today I've… - Are we not men?
Last night I spent like an hour on kittenbreak.com.

Today I've spent some time doing work, and then I found a online candy store. They have people write in with memories of the candy. Here's the best one. I swear this girl must have been in my class, because this is SO my memories of Jolly Ranchers:
More memories... I have eaten and loved jolly ranchers ever since I can remember. It was always a treat for my friends and me to go to the store, mostly during the summer and buy pocketfuls of jolly ranchers that would only last us that very day. We would go back soon, if not the next day, and stock up again.

Then, it was off to riding bikes, sliding on cardboard boxes down the steepest hill we could find, and off to the baseball games at night to see our secret crush play. You could also get away with jolly ranchers at school, as long as you weren't asked a question, or asked to recite. It was not something that you could swallow unless it happened to be almost all gone. They were always such a wonderful burst of flavor. I love them. ~ Debbie from Texas
She was totally in my class. I guess. But like in west Texas we didn't have many hills. But still, that so sounds like jr high.

So, on that site? You can get Chiclets, and Freshen-Up which is the gum with the juice in themiddle, but they don't have but one flavor now. They also have Hubba-bubba bubble gum - let's you blow the biggest bubbles and won't stick to your face! But it's all different now. And weird. Anyone remember my Chiclets icon? That was years ago. I might make another one. I went all over the place looking for chiclets a couple years ago, and like, I could only find the tiny ones. And those are not the same. Also, if you DO find chiclets, they're like, individually wrapped like Dentyne Fire, instead of randomly in a box like they used to be. Actually Dentyne Fire is a pretty good substitute for Chiclets. Ooh remember that ep of Space Ghost whenever Zorak is like "Gimme some gum!" I should make a icon of that. Zorak + Chiclets.

But check this out. If you go to redhots.com you can see how they make the Red Hots! And on another page they show how they make gummi worms!

I caught Hep and Pharaoh making out today.

Hep sez "Just because a tomcat loves another tomcat that doesn't mean I'm gay."

Oh yes it does, Heppy.

Well you can hardly blame him, what with how beautiful the Pharaoh is.

I'm all : chipper kitty!
Jammin' with : Porno Graffitti - Go Steady Go!
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Can you feel the love?
Date: November 25th, 2004 - 02:22 am
hubba hubba!
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