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I suck at sleep. - Are we not men?
I suck at sleep.
I went to bed like 9pm in order to get to sleep correctly, and I was kinda tired - oh by the way lookit my Rip Slyme icon I made earlier in the day but can only just now upload it because LJ was acting up - so I lie down to sleep, and I CAN'T SLEEP. But I'll be well sleepy tomorrow morning round 6:30 if I even manage to get up that early. It's so stupid! I suck at sleep!

The Rip Slyme guys, from left to right, are Pes, Ilmari, Su, Fumiya, and Ryo-Z. According to their website, Fumiya is the tallest. That has nothign to do with anything.

They're a good band. I wish I could sleep at appropriate times.

I'm all : sick not so good.
Jammin' with : Rip Slyme - On & Off
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