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Aiko! - Are we not men? — LiveJournal
I took Holly to Kym's to see the kitten. I took some photos, and grabbed some photos I took a few days ago, too. They're not the best pictures, but you can still tell KITTEN.

Her name is Aiko. Even Holly said she looked Japanese, this kitten. She went to the vet today! The kitten. Not Holly. She was full of random street-cat ailments, like roundworms and stuff, but she's all better now. The kitten, not Holly. She had tonsilitis, but she's mostly over that now. Holly, not the kitten. Bah, pronouns!

So, we were going to Kym's, and I parked next to Kym's car, and Holly goes "It looks just like your car." (cuz it does) and I said "Yeah but hers is blue, and mine is gray." and without missing a beat, Holly replied "Like your hair?"

that's a rubber snake. No I'm not sending a kitten out to do a cat's job!
Is it me, or does she look like a puppy in this picture? It's the weird not-used-to-my-legs-yet kitten stance.

This one came out better than I expected. You can see her coloring pretty well. Strawberry blonde!

My phone demands perfect lighting to get decent pictures, but this pic of her hanging off the windowsill was just too perfect. So, I edited it a bit, really as much as I could without completely losing coherency, and this is the result. A blurry, speckly kitten hanging from the windowsill.


She gonn' kill me.

And speaking of aiko, the singer, not the kitten, ishiyakazuo sent me new aiko CDs I didn't have! And one of the songs I hadn't heard before is called "Neko" 猫!! For those who don't know, that means "cat" in Japanese. Nekomimi 猫耳? That means 'cat ears' ;) Koneko 子猫? That means 'kitten' :D

This icon, oresama no bigi ni yoi na? Rough translation = "marvel at my pretty". That's my Hep for ya ;D
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From: (Anonymous)
I'm a babe magnet.
Date: June 28th, 2006 - 09:55 pm
I love that 猫 song!
Glad to hear theres one more kitten in the world!
If I had another kitten, I'd call her aiko too!
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