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I have a superpower. - Are we not men?
I have a superpower.
I summon cats. Even saw a cat outside the jazz club. I must have accidentally summoned that cat.

Lookit what is in my house!
OK this picture is not from my house, it's from Kym's house, but the kitten is in my house!!!
So originally we were going to call her Aiko, but now I think she's earned the name Chibishinjihime. It's all one word. (It means Chibi Princess Shinji - shut up.) She's so cute, you can't deny her princessity.

Lookit what my sister found on her back porch. This kitty was all skinny and sad :(
But my sister's boyfriend is deathly allergic, so guess where this cat is now.

So, as you can see, I have extras. Anyone need a kitty?
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