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Wow. Crack. - Are we not men?
Wow. Crack.
Rip Slyme crack. They did it!! They made their own crack!! They're like, a j-rap band, right? And they put out this weird album where they have actors reading the lyrics and an orchestra performing the music. Did you know it was possible to make an orchestral score of rap music? Well, it is.
And for those of you who fear rap, it's nothing at all like US gangsta rap. It's more like, kinda old-sk00l, you know, like De La Soul or Cameo.

Most of them are relatively normal, although the performance of "One" makes it sound like a love letter, which I find adorable. But the crack comes in the song
Zatsunen Entertainment.
That there is a link to the mp3 of the original song. It's really a great song, and the main sampling is from the classic Blood, Sweat & Tears song Spinning Wheel.

This here is a link to the mp3 of the orchestral version. It is PURE CRACK and I love it. I don't know any other way to describe it.

I didn't .rar the files this time, so here's hoping that doesn't cause me grief. Also, it is not neccessary to understand Japanese to understand why the orchestral version is insane and brilliant.

I'm all : amused mmmm crack!
Jammin' with : RIP SLYME - Rakuen Baby
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