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Cats ate my last bagel! - Are we not men?
Cats ate my last bagel!
Quick update, and I might catch up on LJ later, but considering I have a deadline and I'm procrastinating, might not be for a little while.

But first, get this music before I take it down!

It's called Kimi ni BUMP by Ketsumeishi. It's like, reggae. Japanese reggae. I guess I like it ;)

Kitty update: Ilmari got spayed, and she's still got stitches but she seems to be doing pretty good. She's still not keen on the other kittys, but I don't think they are being jerks, just she goes all growly when they come near and that makes their fur stand up. The Chibi is still in the vaccination phase, so she won't get spayed until she's done. She's getting along quite well with all the other cats, although sometimes her kitten antics really piss Ilmari off. Hep has actually LICKED the kitten, but he does that sometimes as a way to say "You are inferior to me", so I dunno if he LIKES her or is just showing off.

Here's some pictures of cats. I have to do work now ;_;

I found a kitty!

Go hide, Ilmari. I'mma find j00. (side note: that Bob & Doug McKenzie figurine thing behind her? It's been dismantled. By cats.)

Hep isn't playing right >(

I found Chibi Shinji-chan!

Every day I like to wake up to fresh brewed Starbuck's coffee and a calico kitty.
(I found Ilmari!)

There is a kitten in this picture. Can you find her?

The kitten luvs Kym.

You can't tell as much as I wanted you to be able to tell, but she has her tongue out, that kitten.

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Teacher said not to.
Date: January 19th, 2005 - 07:24 pm
Ilmari is very cute.

How do you have any room for that many cats? We have three and I can't take two steps without tripping over at least one of them...
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