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Hurricanes - Are we not men?
I suspect foul play. I think the US government seeded Rita and Katrina and tried to send them on a collision course with Cuba because as you know the US government hates Cuba. Also, they hate if you even LIKE Cuba, even if you only like the music. That's why all my Cuban-sounding music actually originates from Japan. But I'm getting off-topic.
So, yeah, they made a hurricane to kill Cuba with but they missed. I'm seroius!! Wait... seroius? The hell is seroius. That's my new favorite word from now on. And I am SO seroius. About the government's evil plan to kill Cuba with rocks wet.

OK I'm not going to show you my result pic from the politics quiz because it's really not very interesting, I came out "Strong Democrat" which is what you'd expect me to come up right? (if you want to take the quiz but dunno where it's at it is here)

Really what amused me most was the extra question at the end. It said something to the effect of "If you could make up one law and have it enforced forever, what would it be?" At the end of the quiz they show you the last 10 made-up laws submitted. Here are the ones I saw, not in order:

"I would dictate that...anyone who believes that religious fundamentalism makes a good foundation for government be beaten with sticks round the clock once a week every month; the other weeks they must spend volunteering on gay rights campaigns and endorsing an amendment to destroy the Electoral College. "
�AYB from Williamsburg, VA

"cigarettes should be illega"
�PJW from Forest Grove, OR

"Any right afforded by the government (e.g. Marriage) to one citizen must be afforded to all citizens."
�KEG from Santa Barbara, CA

"I would not dictate that at all..."
�free from MOON

"I would dictate that...Same sex couples would have all of the same rights as we straight couples "
�YR from AZ

"I would dictate that the government shall provide free quality health care to all citizens."
�BH from Chicago, IL

"I would dictate that all women be forced to take birht control unless they can prove they are able to provide for children and have a stable enviroment in which to raise them."
�MSS from Warwick RI

"I would dictate that smoking is illegal."
�ACF from West Milford, NJ

"I would dictate that Individual federal taxes are abolished forever!"
�MJP from Virginia Beach VA

"I would dictate that... people have to give me a dollar if I ask for it."
�val from Dallas, TX

Did anyone catch my lie? That's right. I don't actually live *in* Dallas! Ha-HA! I wim!!

In other news, I ... don't have any new pictures of these cats but let me tell you, they've begun putting shiny things in one side of their f00d dish. Like, a magnet, and a bracelet, and some mardi-gras beads, and a quarter, and some random shiny things of Holly's. They even moved this large plastic sword that happens to have a shiny ... grip-thing, they put the shiny part near that side of the dish. They're collecting shiny things. Probably to fund the revolution. Have you seen Hep's mustache? Doesn't it remind you of someone? And if you look real close, Pharaoh's mustache looks like Mussolini after drinking milk ��

So, one time I was at a baseball game with this guy I was dating, and we were in the cheap seats (duh), and the jumbotron camera was in our area, and so a guy in front of us was holding up a baby. The baby was doing g00fy baby things waving it's arms around and stuff, and my boyfriend sed "See that baby? That guy has his finger up it's ass."
Then the baby went like, insane, like, all hyper and stuff, and he goes "Now he's wigglin the finger."

I'm all : mischievous mischievous
Jammin' with : Moriyama Aiko - Dame yo furusato-san
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Stop asking about milk already.
Date: September 22nd, 2005 - 04:03 am
 Vote For Val!
Your cats are more interesting than mine. Mine collects velcro curlers. I think he has the 'queer eye'.
I've been goosed!
Date: September 23rd, 2005 - 02:39 am
 Re: Vote For Val!
Pharaoh builds forts. If he's in a room without a good place to hide? He'll build a fort out of things he finds and hide there. They all will hide in a cupboard, tho (they can open 'em). So sometimes you go "where's the cats?" and you open a cupboard and there's cats in there!
I saved you a seat.
Date: September 22nd, 2005 - 09:02 am
I miss reading your posts Val. That made me laugh. :-)
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