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Hey, man, all my friends in the gulf area, be ok! Or I'll get all… - Are we not men?
Hey, man, all my friends in the gulf area, be ok! Or I'll get all mad >(

And now back to your regularly scheduled ... garbage o_O

LJ Interests meme results

  1. astronomy:
    uranus hehehehehe XD
  2. bob schneider:
    I dunno what to say, really, Bob Schneider is my favorite english-singing artist. I do not know why!
  3. coca cola:
    wow, is that on my interest list? I'm actually drinking mountain dew right now ¬¬
  4. dragonball z:
    One time I had to make this really intricate database to do some really intricate things, but nobody was ever going to see the database but me. So, I named all my tables after DBZ characters, and had SQL like this:
    SELECT * FROM gohan LEFT OUTER JOIN vegeta ON (etc etc)

    I can still be found naming variables after DBZ characters.
  5. geology:
    ZOMG I FAIL IT! but I still dig geology. GET IT??? *thwack* ok I deserved that ><
  6. meiji kimera:
    Right. Meiji Kimera is a doujinshi circle. DOujinshi are fancomics that are published and then sold I suppose underground or something, but they're pretty easy to obtain. I dunno how copyright works on that sort of thing in Japan, but Meiji Kimera has a really beautiful art style. I have damn near every Meiji Kimera Yu-gi-oh fanbook, and several from other fandoms. It's fancomics, so they can make the characters do whatever they want. Usually that means they're gonna make out ;)
  7. pokemon:
    If I don't post this until like, Sunday or something? It's because I'm playing pokemon. I imported all current 387 pokemons as .png files into Visio so I now have a pokemon stencil. I may show you the fruits of my labors after I do some labors, but it'll probably also involve Prince of Tennis so I might not show you.
  8. red dwarf:
    Red Dwarf was a British sci-fi comedy from the 80s and 90s. But really, after watching every episode like a bajillion times, I've determined all you really ever needed was Series 1. But without series 8 there would have been no "phwoar!" (remember? I laughed about that for like, two months? and when i first saw it, i laughed so hard I woke up everybody in my house? Yeah.)
  9. tab:
    ZOMG TAB. I've finished my mountain dew and now I'm drinking a Tab. It is the best soda evar.
  10. zorak:
    You know why you haven't seen as much Zorak on tv as you wish you could? It's cuz I ate his hed.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

OK, I made a thing in Visio. I luv Visio. It lets me make retarded things. And then "select all" and "copy" and paste into Paint as a jpg so I can share it with you.

I told you it was big. And, for the record, Renji's Latios is not named "wub renji" like mine is.

I'm all : working retarded
Jammin' with : fumido - 眠れぬ夜のひとりごと
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