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You know what sucked? That old Andrew Lloyd Weber musical,… - Are we not men?
You know what sucked? That old Andrew Lloyd Weber musical, "Starlight Express". I'm not kidding. And I'm one who can distinguish between something that is well written, but I just don't like it, to something that is just poorly written. And man, Starlight Express is just horrible. I'm not a big musical fan, anyway. I mean, if it was up to me, I don't think I'd go out of my way to spend $150 to see "Cats", when I can just buy the video for $10 at Blockbuster. I'm just not big on musicals in general, but Starlight Express probably caused minor hemmhoraging in those with weaker constitutions. I think I'll get back to Captain Dynaset (tm).
Hrm... Dynaset. Set was an Egyptian god. A snake god, if I remember correctly. Bastet was the cat goddess. Anubis was the dog god of the underworld. Dog dieties intrigue me. I can think of 3 off the top of my head, Anubis, Cerberus, and Fenres (sp?). I'm pretty sure there was an Aztec dog diety as well. I think it's amusing because, lets face it, they're dogs. Dogs can be used as living food disposals. If you need something funky removed from a plate before you wash it, just give it to the dog. Have you ever tasted dog biscuits? I almost wrote god biscuits. I guess with Anubis it's the same thing. Anyway, dog biscuits are disgusting! They taste like moldy cheese mixed with chalk! Course, I guess that's not half as bad as canned cat food. I tell ya what, canned cat food is probably spoiled haggis. Or the fish that spoiled before it got to the fishmarket. I mean, damn.
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