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Tonight's Adult Swim - Are we not men?
Tonight's Adult Swim
All in all, yawnfest. Except for Sealab, which was amazing. Brak show was kinda lame-ish tonight. Home movies was a total yawn-fest. Proving yet again, that lots of comedians on one show doesn't neccessarily make it good.

The dog of the lot, however, is Cowboy Bebop. The music is absolutely incredible, and makes me want to marry Yoko Kanno. But the storyline is so amazingly lame and cliched. Trust me to watch "Mysterious woman's past" night. Here's a particularly vomit-inducing scene: sexy lawyer chases sexy woman who has "escaped"; he finally catches up to her. She cries. He assures her. He places his coat on her shoulders. She turns around as if to say "Huh? Why are you being nice to me?"
Is that not vomitous? I swear I'm turning off the TV if the guy from her mysterious past turns out to be the bounty they're going for.
Oh lord. It was. Put a bullet in me now.
Oh lord. It just got worse. The real question is who are these wackos who rate this show so highly? Surely it's popularity isn't based on music alone. I pity Yoko Kanno, for having to be associated with this tripe. These are probably the same people who love DBZ movie 8 (the Broly movie). Maybe the people who love it are like, 18 or so. And haven't seen many films or tv shows. And therefore do not realize how pathetically cliched the show is. None of the characters have any personality, except the wacko hacker chick, who is the lamest "kid" (in the 5-man rule) of any anime I've ever seen. Unfortunately, the show really does have the *best* music I've ever heard. But *damn* it's lame.
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