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Office Gossip - Are we not men?
Office Gossip
OK, this is all about the Italian VP. And when I say Italian, I don't mean American of Italian descent. I mean moved to America last year to VP this place. First off, he was keeping his European personal hygiene habits, and stinkin up the place. So someone (I forgot who) had to explain American adversity to body odor. Then, it turns out he doesn't know much about American labor laws and employee relations. I heard one tale of how a forklift driver ran into a pole and broke it, and the VP said to dock his pay for the next few weeks to cover the damage. They had to explain to him that he can't do that. Makes me wonder if he got *any* cultural training at all before taking over here. I also heard that he's going to a seminar or something about "Diversity in the workplace". I'm seriously amazed at the things they didn't explain to him before he took the job. At any rate, this is all rumour so don't quote me on it.
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