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Did you know there's a basketball team called the Washington Wizards?… - Are we not men?
Did you know there's a basketball team called the Washington Wizards? I didn't know that. And Popeye Jones is on that team! I can't decide whether to rank my own draft picks based on unusual names, or to just leave it as it is. I wish Popeye Phelps was on my team. I wish I had a team of guys named Popeye. That would rule. Maybe I'll nickname all of them Popeye. Fantasy sports is like Pokemon, but with guys who play sports. I wonder if there's fantasy WNBA. Then it'd be like Pokemon, but with chicks who play sports. spr0ts.

OK, to the dudes who read this journal, I need input. Josh said he was on the phone with the object of his desire, and then her roommate came home and she got off the phone to talk to her. I think this is normal behaviour, being on the phone with one friend, then your other friend comes over so you go talk to them awhile. He thinks she's being "cryptic". I'm convinced that she has no idea that he's so crazy about her, and he's convinced she's toying with him. From just the information given, what do you think? Is it normal to get off the phone with a boy to talk to a roommate? Leave comments, except for Josh, cuz we're already arguing on your journal.

I really need AIM back.
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Date: October 29th, 2001 - 10:28 am
I never said that the cryptic part was when she hung up to talk to her housemate. That was just the end of the story. Sigh. I don't speak English, do I?
The cryptic part is in the words she says and does not say.
I blatantly and explicitly tell her that I have feelings for her, and she doesn't say one way or the other how she feels, and her manner of speaking is impossible to read.

And :P I can spread my arguments across two journals. So there.
Stop asking about milk already.
Date: October 29th, 2001 - 11:17 am
OK, you're not even blatant about what you were blatant about. You said you have feelings for her. That is meaningless. I have feelings for this pepsi I'm drinking. Doesn't mean I wanna go to bed with it. Plus, you're all fired up about getting in a relatinoship, and I don't think she's all fired up about getting in a relationship. I think it's odd, too, that you're basing this on the words she "does not say". That's insane. If she said it, then that's how it is. Maybe that's why you think it's cryptic, maybe she's saying exactly how it is, but you are reading more into it. Hrm... if that's the case, maybe you are expecting her to read more into what you say, and she's probably taking it at face value. "I have feelings for you" absolutely completely does not mean "I have a huge crush on you and want to be your boyfriend."
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