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Gah. - Are we not men?
I'm bored and irritated, and it's only 9:40am. I'd better find a topic, eh. None.. Now it's nearly 12:30pm. There's a party tonite, and I don't really have a costume, just a big blue beehive wig, which is cool.

We still don't have our basketball teams, yet. I bet I broke it somehow and we're all screwed.

What is up with all the romance movies? Can't people just be? like they are right now? I guess cuz where's the plot in that, eh. I love Men in Black, cuz they don't say whether or not those two got together, or were just partners in MiB. Mib. mib mib mib. tha's a fun word.

I'm soooooooooooooooo bored. Now it looks like I've spelled something that sounds like "sue". I'm so bored I'm going to make up bad metaphors.
In the DBZ of life, I'm Oolong.
In the motherboard of life, I'm that bit that you can't figure out what the hell is supposed to attach to it.

See? This was from yesterday, but it didn't post.

So, on to Wednesday, Halloween! It does not feel like Halloween. We finally got our basketball teams. I still want Popeye Jones on my team, but I don't really know how to play fantasy basketball so I don't know how to do that. I wonder why it doesn't feel like halloween.

We're going to eat spiders at work for lunch, in celebration of Halloween. Or to prove a point.

So, here's the team I have right now, without any edits. Steve Francis, Derek Anderson, Aaron McKie, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Latrell Sprewell, Vin Baker, Lorenzen Wright, Shawn Bradley, Dikembe Mutombo, Kenny Anderson, Clarence Weatherspoon, and Loren Woods. NOTE THE DISTINCT LACK OF GUYS NAMED POPEYE.
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