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Krispy Kreme - Are we not men?
Krispy Kreme
There is something so *right* about a Krispy Kreme donut. Perfection in torus form.

I have noticed that I spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to get enough sleep. Even when I go to bed early, sometimes I don't fall asleep until much later. The only times I really feel I get enough sleep is when I fall asleep about 6pm or so and wake up about 4am. But if I go to bed at 8 and wake up at 6, I don't feel like I've had enough sleep. It's like my life is a constant quest for time enough to sleep. But I'm not outrageously tired all the time like if I had chronic fatigue syndrome or something. I just want uninterrupted sleep, at my leisure. I really enjoy sleeping. I like staying up late, too. But I can't have both while I work. Or on the weekends when Holly is at my house, because she wakes up before me.

OH, that reminds me! I had this dream last night that I was at my mom's house, and Brian came over, and then 3 of my ex-boyfriends came over. They were pathetically boring, too, so when I thought they'd left, Brian and I were going to go to Whataburger. But they hadn't left!! They all wanted to go with us! We were trying to figure out how to ditch 'em when I woke up. One of 'em was a guy who said his pledge nickname was "Tool" when he was in Louisiana, so I guess we were playing a variation of the classic Avoid The Tool.

I have the weirdest urge to put this dollar bill into the floppy disk slot, because it reminds me of the thing that eats your dollars on the soda machine.

I left my laundry in the dryer, and it wasn't all the way dry, and now my pants smell funny.

So, Josh has me thinking I should burn a really good mix cd. I dunno what sort, though, so I'll have to think about it. Maybe a CD that describes the fanfics in my head. The really good epics that last 3 or 4 lifetimes. Drama! Action! Comedy! Romance! Adventure! Yes. It is all these things and more.
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