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DBZ thoughts - Are we not men?
DBZ thoughts
Goku is a terrible dad. He leaves all the time, and then when he shows up, all he does is fight with Gohan. Sure, it's saved the world, but it's bad parenting!!

Now, back to DBH. Man, Holly is like a miniature Val!! It's so cool!! I had to rein it in a few times, though, because I think it's important that there are Forbidden Things. She wanted Goku to take his shirt off in front of ladies, and I told her she couldn't unless it was an accident. She did something else pervy, too, but I forgot what it was.

We were watching a video, the one where Krillin says "I'd sure like to know what kind of vitamins Trunks is taking" and Holly said "Trunks taking batteries?!" And I wanted to say "No, vicatin." but she wouldn't have got that, so I said "No, vitamins!"
We missed yesterday's catchup eps, so now I have no idea where they're at with episodes on CN. This VCR works, though, so at least I can watch videos.

You know what the best thing about Dragonball is? NO GOHAN. No Cell or Saiyans, either, tho, so ... you know.

Now Holly is making diapers out of putty and putting them on the villains. Then she had them going "I don't want a daeee-puh!"
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