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Shark Week, Day 2 - Are we not men?
Shark Week, Day 2
I do NOT like what the scientists did to the tiger shark. I don't even know if I should describe it. But I will. They put a transmitter in it... not like some inoccuous little ear piercing, it was the size of like 3 of my fingers. They performed some kind of crude surgery and put that big metal wang inside the shark's body. Then... you won't believe this... they cut off a piece of it's WANG!! So here's the full situ: they put out a fishing line... I forgot what the technical term is, but they're not using a rod/reel type of setup, they've set a kind of shark trap. With a large metal hook. They made sure there was enough line so if in fact they *did* hook a shark, it would have enough room to swim around and keep breathing. Then, the next day, they went out and grabbed it. They turned it on it's back, tonic immobility you know, and proceeded to insert a foreign object into it and cut off a tiny part of it's wang. Now, I ask you. If something did that to you, wouldn't you bite it?! I sure as hell would. I think if I practice really hard I can become a wereshark. And if not, I'm going to pretend I'm a wereshark anyway. I can't believe they tell *us* to "take only photographs, and leave only footprints", and they insert foriegn objects and take a piece of wang. I wish it said that at national parks, "Insert foreign objects, take bits of wang". I'm appalled.

I'm all : appalled
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