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I just found out about something really funny that Holly did a few… - Are we not men?
I just found out about something really funny that Holly did a few months ago. Scott forgot to tell me it, but he told me tonight. They were picking the dogs up from the kennel, and the dogs were jumping all over each other, and Holly goes "Puppy and Max are havin SEX!"

In other news, we saw Monsters, Inc. today. Pixar is really perfecting their animation. This was by far their best movie. Plot and character-wise, it was a little lacking, but it's well worth watching for the animation. I have to say, however, that there were a few scenes when they just got it wrong. The animation was OK, but what they animated was ... well, a little lame. There were a couple of places where Sully moved and acted like Cookie Monster. Yeah, fine, they can animate, but that was just stupid. They also need to work on human characters. For some reason there's always some discontinuity with their human characters. Damn I'm picky. But I believe in my heart that I was born (br0n, lol) to write 6 minute animated sketches. I like writing movies, sure, but I think I really shine in a 6-minute.

Incidentally, have I mentioned this in here? That guy that Sean was sorta trying to introduce me to? That he introduced me to over AIM? The one who I think he already has a girlfriend, maybe even a live-in? (Sean means well, honestly, but sometimes important facts get past him.) Well, anyway, I think that guy was unimpressed with me, and I think in the future I won't meet people over AIM before I meet them in person. I'm much cooler in person, and if someone isn't an internet geek like me they don't use instant messaging the way we use it. Umm... the point is, tha's a bust there with Kyle. Which is kindof a shame, he seemed like my type. Or something. The REAL point is, don't let your friends introduce you to their guy friends over AIM.

Goddammit, I'm out of soda. I'm gonna watch Brak Show and then go to bed. I have a huge crush on C. Martin Croker. Zorak was very sexy in this ep. He shook his ass.
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