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Ahh, me. - Are we not men?
Ahh, me.
I'm a dumbass. I'm not going into the details here, but it involves me and my unpaid bills. Let's just say that it seems like since I've been single, I've been trying to fuck myself. With no lubricant.
Now it's 9:30, and I'm still up. I wanted to go to bed at 6. But I couldn't. I'm still awake. And it's hot in here.
I just totally suck at money matters. Even when I think I'm doing it right, it somehow works out wrong. I'd better sign up for those things where they automatically take it out of your account every month. I hate those, but if I don't, this sort of thing will continue to happen to me. Or I need a sugar daddy. But I ain't puttin out, so don't even try it!

It's gonna take some serious creativity to get out of this one.
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