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Friday at last! - Are we not men?
Friday at last!
I was late today. Why? No reason. Then I get here, and a guy brought us all donuts. Wasn't that nice of him? I can't leave at 4, though. Because I was late. So now I'm in a relatively poor mood.
Now I'm wondering if you pretend you are plotting the overthrow of several third-world countries, will you get in trouble? Seems like what could get you in trouble is becoming very very broad these days. And then I remember my American ancestors, who dressed up like Indians and threw all the tea into the harbour. Sure, they got in trouble, but it was well worth it and it's why we don't wear powdered wigs today. That reminds me, I need coffee. (10 points if you get the correlation)
OK, I just thought I'd take a look at what Access says about converting workgroup files from a previous version of Access to the current. It said "Re-create the workgroup. Re-create all group accounts. Re-create all user accounts." Does that sound like a solution to you? Not me. Course, most companies don't have 50 people or more in a workgroup...
Tha's the work-related gripe of the day. It still smells like Panchos in here.
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