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Why Samurai Jack Isn't Anime-style - Are we not men?
Why Samurai Jack Isn't Anime-style
Of course it's not anime! It's made in the US. Here's why it's not anime style. Samurai Jack is still traveling alone. That goes against anime tradition. Oddly enough, it also cripples the series. There are really only 2 characters, and if you don't like one of them, you're pretty much screwed for fave character. The action is *good*, but it so often seems so useless. Like, it's action for action's sake. The plots are usually so nowhere. I'm really glad they decided to go with a no-lines art theme, but I don't like it. I love that it's different, but I can't say it's a style I'll be trying out anytime soon.

I watched the sneak preview of The Mummy animated series tonight, well, half of it, and there's some things I don't like. It's still the O'Connells, but they've changed everyone's hair colour. And now, Rick uses a whip. Which is such a ripoff of Indiana Jones. Did they not watch the movies? I feel very strongly about these things because I love those movies. I can't fathom why they changed the hairstyles and colours. Oh well, I doubt I'll be watching it again.

Stay with me, new Courage and new Time Squad tonight! But first, the lame hour. Why show two Dexters when they could show one Dexter and one I Am Weasel? I never though I'd say that. When I Am Weasel was on, I didn't really care one way or another about it. But now that they never play it, I really miss it.

TIME SQUAD (mega spoilers)
Brilliant, as always. Turns out Tuddrussel was a fat kid. They visited the Hatfields and McCoys tonight. Hillbillies. That's how they described 'em. That's just funny. I can't believe there were "family fueds". I guess that's why they're hillbillies. Anyway, Tuddrussel read Larry's diary from when he was a protocol droid, so Larry showed Tuddrussel's picture from his Academy yearbook. In the first ep, the Houdini ep, Tuddrussel introduced himself to local law enforcement, and they called him Future-man. So he went with that for the rest of the ep. Because it sounds cool. I love that man!

You cannot imagine the snackfood I'm eating. I'm eating so many snacks I can hardly walk, because snack containers are all around me. I also have a headache, but it's an imagineable one.
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