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Movie Reviews - Are we not men?
Movie Reviews
I just watched Final Fantasy. And WOW, it was bad. REALLY bad. This is the movie that proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that a good movie starts with a great script. I was highly dissappointed in the animation, because I was expecting realistic realistic, can't-tell-the-difference realistic. And boy was it not. I'm not saying they didn't do something cool, but... why? Why do this when it obviously wasn't ready? When 6 months after it came out, a non-realistic 3-d animation movie would come out that REALLY sets the standard. Total dissappointment.
Now I'm watching Tomb Raider, and it's really funny!! What bigass lips!! And the eternal pout!! Damn that's funny. I didn't have any preconcieved notions coming into this one, so I'm OK with the badness. Amused even. I better eat some food.
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