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Mononoke Hime - Are we not men?
Mononoke Hime
Just watched Princess Mononoke. Why the fuck did they call this movie Princess Mononoke? They mentioned that name once, and it didn't really make any difference in the movie. So I'm left wondering why. At the end, the forest god should have said "You buncha bastards." and then flicked a booger on them. Because that would have been funny. I was expecting a different style of animation. This was classic anime style. It took a minute to get used to it, oddly enough, because I've been watching so much heavy-ink animation. I like it. But they were right, it wouldn't have fit the mood of the film. Everyone was right, too, it was a damn good movie. Personally I thought Ninja Scroll was more fun, because of course it has that heavy-ink style that I'm so fond of. Plus there was more action. I remember first time I saw it my jaw was dropped in amazement within the first 5 minutes of the film. There were some cheesy parts, sure, but damn, it's so awesome. I hope someday another movie wows me as much as Ninja Scroll did. But this is about Princess Mononoke. They should have called it The Night Walker or whatever. I knew it would be that way, tho, I already knew that the words Princess Mononoke wouldn't really be that important. Or maybe I got a bad translation or something.

OMG, South Park!! Stan & Kyle keep saying "That's not funny." and I keep saying "YES IT IS!!" that's a prank for the hall of fame!! I'm not saying the prank in case you missed the show and wanted to see it. DAMN that's funny. I so rarely agree with Cartman.
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