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Reverse Flu - Are we not men?
Reverse Flu
I'm in a spankin good mood. Dunno why, either, it didn't snow or ice last night, it's just been very very cold and wet, so nothing was cancelled. My heater makes the smoke alarm go off, so I need that fixed, but my house is a total wreck, and I'm not allowing management in until it's clean enough to walk through. But I'm in a damn good mood. Must be my Spongebob Squarepants winamp skin. Oh, also, I forgot my cardkey this morning, so I had to knock on the door to have someone let me in. This must be the reverse flu, because nothing is really going that well, but I'm in such a good mood! I do wish I could get to work on time *once* this week. Ahh well, I might have something interesting to say later. Or now, and I'm keeping it to myself.
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