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Bah. It didn't even almost snow. So here I am at work. Guess who's… - Are we not men?
Bah. It didn't even almost snow. So here I am at work. Guess who's not here? Yup, Lorenzo, who lives very very close. Unless he finally convinced them to let him work in the server room. Nahh. Anyway, I'm here, he's not, I was on time today, first time all week. And no one is here to see it. Eh, I guess that's OK, no one was here to see me leave at my regular time after getting here late earlier in the week. I'm so lame.

Hang on, I'm gonna make my monitor tiny. Hrm... it's not very clear. I'm not sure I like it. It's really really funny, though!!! Hep me I'm tiny! Now no one can read over my shoulder. I'm highly highly amused.

I'm still writing fanfic, I'm on page 4 (Word, single-spaced) and I'm not even to the plot yet. I'm practicing prose technique and character development. Instead of the classic fanfic that adds one extra character to the existing characters, I'm adding lots of characters to one existing character. I haven't even decided on the plot yet. I've just set up some things for later plot development. I have a general idea, but now I'm working out the details. If I go through all of this and figure out I'm horrible at basic novel-style fiction writing, that will be acceptable. I'll at least have my character development down. I'm gonna concentrate on figuring out some cool things today. Until such time as someone panics and needs me.

I'm sure I'll write again later in the day.

I'm all : hyper hyper
Jammin' with : David Tao - Find Myself (Zhao Zi Ji)
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