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Friday! - Are we not men?
Man, this week went by fast! I've gotten used to the tinyness of my screen. I'm gonna be seriously poor for a couple of weeks, but that's OK, at least I'm caught up on all the bills. For now. With all the heaters running now, my lips are all chapped. But do I refrain from eating spicy things? No! Because I'm just that way!

Purity Tests!! These tell how pure of some vile thing you are.
I'm 69.4% Engineering pure.
I'm 51% nerd pure on the small test, and only 41.8% nerd pure on the long one.
I'm only 16.7% mathematically pure, probably because of my degree in math.
I'm 65.9% geek pure.
I'm 62.5% movie pure.
I'm 57.5% cruel and unusual, meaning I'm 42.5% pure of cruel and unusual.
I'm 41.8% band pure.
I'm only 57.5% otaku. I'd expected more of me.
I'm 51.7% weirdness pure. I thought I'd be weirder.

I'm totally bored of the tests now. The anime one was hilarious, though, because there was one question "Do you use an anime character name as your nickname/handle?" and then the next question was "Is that character a different gender than you?"
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