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Before I forget - Are we not men?
Before I forget
I was listening to this horrid rendition of greensleeves earlier, and I made up new words for the chorus part:
This, this is horrible, the rennaissance is over
Please pay us so we will stop, our voices will cause you pai-ain.

you have to stretch out that last "pain".

I just got home from hangin out with Sean & Brian. I love those guys. We pretty much cut up and thought of new gags. It was fun. We made Sean watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 (new ep, btw!) then we showed him on the 'net how cool the new Justice League is.

Cuz we are the Aqua-teens, make the homeys wanna cry make the girlies wanna scream. or something like that.
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