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OK, I just woke up, cuz I went to sleep at like 6, because I don't… - Are we not men?
OK, I just woke up, cuz I went to sleep at like 6, because I don't feel so well, and I had this weird dream.

There was stuff before this part, but the part I remember from started in a weird grocery store that oddly enough is recurring in my dreams. It's like if you took Sam's and merged it with a large BX. (Dunno what Sam's and BX are? Imagine a supermarket with bare cement floors and turnstiles to enter.) I was loading my things, and realized I forgot something. I went back in to grab it, and when I came out, there was this guy Terry (played by Kevin Spacey) sitting in the back of my car. I had to go back into the store and get Wilson (played by my co-worker Wilson) to get him out. He didn't know how, so he got Al (played by my coworker Al). Al tried to convince Terry that he couldn't ride around in my car, but Terry wasn't budging, and he kept talking about some weird conspiracy. So I agreed to take him to Blockbuster, but only if Gerald (played by Jack Palance) came along with us. Terry didn't like that idea, because he was afraid of Gerald. But he agreed, so he could get to Blockbuster. So, we're coming up on Blockbuster, and there's Gerald's wife (played by Sharon Stone) leaving as we are pulling in. Terry has a major freakout. Gerald is pissed off. She notices us, and comes over to say Hi. She asks Terry if he's been to any more hookers since last time, and she's saying it to be mean. Gerald goes to talk to her and Terry gets out to go to Blockbuster. Gerald comes back and tells me we need to pretend to go in, and then we'll follow her. I get really mad, because something wacky is going on and all I wanted to do was get my groceries. But we follow her, and she goes to some secret hideout, and it turns out she's part of a plot to destroy the world, and the plot traces back 3.7 billion years! Turns out some malevolent alien race seeded our planet in order to plunder it's resources using it's own lifeforms!! And now they're trying to get rid of us because we've become too sentient and therefore a threat to their plan. Gerald confronts his wife and accuses her of being in with the aliens, but she doesn't know anything about it. But she does, it's genetic. She's directly related to the one bacterium that the aliens had complete "mind" control over. They still have control over anyone who is directly linked to that one lifeform. Unfortunately for them, there aren't very many people in that group, because the other lifeforms are physically more adaptable and stronger. It's a miracle there's any descendants at all. So, to keep her from doing anything bad, Gerald handcuffs her to the door while we go to chase down the aliens in a time machine.
Then I woke up.

Fun one, huh! It was weird for me in that there were big-name actors in it. Usually I'm stuck with no-names. The action was somewhat amiss, but the conspiracy is brilliant.

I need a soda.
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