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Christmas Eve - Are we not men?
Christmas Eve
I'm feeling all festive-like. Well, not so much festive... I think my central heating is broken.
Just thought I'd take this opportunity to say in a public forum...
I love Holly; I love my sister; I love Brian; I love Sean; I love my mommy and daddy!

I might love other people, too, but I'm not tellin. Brian and I went to Zeus today, it's this hella cool comic shop and action figure store. I bought some things, which is bad the day before Christmas. But I had to have it!! I got DBZ #6 and the 17 and Chao-tzu action figures. The people working there knew a guy that I know, it was kinda freaky.

I've unzipped my pants, and now they are sliding right off my butt. BE GLAD YOU ARE NOT HERE. Crack fiend.
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